Alzuhud Booking

Travel Booking Platform

Alzuhud needed a platform with the capability to support a large quantity of users while still being efficient. Agency Wolfe did just that by formulating a system for allowing the booking of religious travel, including Hajj packages, to be a simple process.
User Panel
Through this tool, users were able to book flights and place orders with minimal work required on their end. User friendly design is a strict component of Agency Wolfe’s mandate.
Travel Agent Panel
Agency Wolfe has simplified the process for travel agents, allowing easy access to review packages available when creating a travel plan for users. This will assist travelers in determining the best package to suit their needs in the most cost efficient manner.
Admin Panel
Administrators of Alzuhud wanted access to easily observe all content and interactions of their web application and we provided an easy tool to do so. Also, through this panel administrators can observe key performance indicators, such as revenue and cost per lead along with many others.
Responsive Design
Responsiveness of a website allows for capability of use on all platforms. With our team of experts, Explore was able to ensure students and employers were able to utilize the website whether it be on a desktop or their mobile device. Additionally, we were able to increase their popularity in search engines.
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