Learning Management System

A learning management system is an application which facilitates learning within a digital space. Through this platform users, educators and admins can document, track, report, and deliver educational courses.
Responsiveness of a website allows for capability of use on all platforms. With our team of experts, Explore was able to ensure students and employers were able to utilize the website whether it be on a desktop or their mobile device. Additionally, we were able to increase their popularity in search engines.
Pixel Perfect
Without expert design and development teams, your stunning mockups can fail to measure up when implemented. With our pixel perfect development we guarantee that the final product will match the mock up, ensuring what you see is what you get!
Smooth Experience
By coupling a sleek design and smooth animations, our experts ensure clean development of all systems so your users have a pleasant experience.
Adaptive Design
Explore’s learning management system required an adaptive design, which ensures all users have a pleasant experience regardless of what device is being used to access the web application. This adaptability does not only refer to sizing, but a complete tailoring of the web application to better suit the layout of each device. Agency Wolfe’s experts were able to provide this in the most efficient way.
Style Guide
Explore offers various tools through their digital platforms and conveying uniformity throughout these platforms is vital to the company’s brand identity. By producing a customized style guide Agency Wolfe was able to amplify their brand recognition and digital presence through ensuring all designs parallel one another.

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