Placement Platform

Through the placement platform, both students and employers can explore various opportunities. As students complete their learning through Explore, this platform then allows them to find employment positions. By creating a tool that allows both students and employers to locate candidates, Agency Wolfe unified two separate devices allowing for a smoother experience.
Candidate Panel
Using this platform, candidates can not only upload their resumes, but create detailed profiles, allowing companies to find those who would excel in the available positions.
Employer Panel
Employers are able to locate and interview dozens of candidates with this user-friendly platform.
Admin Panel
Explore needed a tool that allowed for editing of all user’s profiles when necessary. Agency Wolfe created this panel to allow administrators of Explore to ensure the website continued to be a safe space for all users.
Responsive Design
Responsiveness of a website allows for capability of use on all platforms. With our team of experts, Explore was able to ensure students and employers were able to utilize the website whether it be on a desktop or their mobile device. Additionally, we were able to increase their popularity in search engines.
Pixel Perfect Development
Without expert design and development teams, your stunning mockups can fail to measure up when implemented. With our pixel perfect development we guarantee that the final product will match the mock up, ensuring what you see is what you get!
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